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Just a Glimpse: Training Your Kids to Sleep

Sleep training is one of the most difficult aspects of parenting, for new and veteran parents. But the rewards are peaceful, and exhilarating!

Bedtime and nap time was a breeze for us, but not until we put ourselves through the ringer of sleep training! With each child we experienced the same worries, the same heartache and the same amount of tears (for us and them), but we also enjoyed the same gratification of success! When each child stopped crying that first, horrible day/night of training, we felt victorious and proud that we made it through. Each day after, as they cried less and less, we felt increasingly excited that is was almost over. There is an end to the torture, I promise!!

What would it feel like as a parent, to look forward to bedtime and nap time, as opposed to dreading it like so many do?? It’s AMAZING!

Sleep training can happen as soon as Baby sleeps through his first nighttime feeding, sleeping 5-6 hours. Typically this 5-6 hour stretch occurs around 3-4 months. From this point forward allow him to cry, avoid taking him out of bed, and stop all mid-night feedings. Comfort him often by patting and soothing, and offering a binkie if a binkie is accepted. Space your visits further until Baby is calm and relaxed.

No parent knows how long this training will take, and it can be torturous. When you hit your breaking point, ask yourself this question:

When will I need a full night’s sleep, and when will my baby need it? Keep going, it will pay off!

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